Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my furniture?

We aim to deliver your furniture within 2-3 weeks of delivery.  We will contact you personally by Phone/text or email depending on customers preferred method to inform you a few days prior to the delivery with the day for delivery and approximate timescales e.g morning/afternoon etc

Do I need to treat my furniture?

When you receive your furniture it will already be treated with a treatment for 6 months.  We do recommend you treat your furniture yourself and make sure prior to treatment that your furniture is dry and clean before doing so.
As wood is a natural product it may expand and retract and change colour according to weather conditions.  Splits can happen on all kinds of wood therefore treatment is advised to minimise this, and also to prolong the use and appearance of your furniture. Splits generally close with the rain or the cooler weather.  We are now selling a Replacement Colour Spray and a Teak Oil Maintenance spray to use on our furniture priced at £10 per bottle- please ask at time of order if you require this adding to your order.  If not we would suggest any of the 5 year wood treatments but not any kind of varnish or creosote based product.

What is your furniture made from?

We pride ourselves in the fact that our furniture is made and designed in the UK using only the finest grade of Redwood known for its outstanding moisture and insect resistance.  All the wood used is from responsibly managed forests and is FSC certified.

Do you sell to trade? I.e. Public Houses, residential homes, schools?

Yes we have supplied a number of trade establishments over the last 10 years.  If you email us we can negotiate very competitive prices depending on the size of your order, and as always offer you a personal service and a prompt delivery service.

I had some furniture from you a few years ago, I wish to add to my garden now-will the range still be the same?

Yes we have continued with the 2 ranges Traditional and High Back Range so customers can continue to mix and match our furniture and extend their garden seating etc.

Do you deliver planters?

We can deliver planters with a garden furniture order but generally we do not deliver planters on an individual basis due to it not being cost and time effective. You are welcome to take away planters on the day of sale from the stand.  Or if an order is over £140 in value we can deliver but this will incur a £15 delivery charge on top.

What sizes are your furniture?

As we do so many different sizes of furniture rather than stating them all on the website (which may confuse), please email for measurements of the furniture you are interested in.

About Us

Great Outdoors is a small friendly North Staffordshire based business supplying predominately a wooden range of readymade garden furniture, garden accessories and narrow boat rope fenders throughout the UK.   

Having an array and a wealth of experience at our fingertips, including 30 years in boat building management, over 19 years sales and customer service experience, we decided to set up "The Great Outdoors”.